By 100 Story Building

Edited by Alex, Kenny, Medi and Ricky

Across Victoria, telecommunications are failing: mobile phones have gone dead, the Internet is unreachable, televisions and radios broadcast only static. And now reports of incredible, weird happenings – strange transformations, portals to other dimensions and invasions of magical creatures – are reaching friends and loved ones. Somehow, throughout all this, the postal network continues to function. Our intrepid 100 Story Building investigators, determined to spread the truth, have collected the following postcards describing examples of these weird phenomena. Please contact us if you find any more!

This weeks Reading Victoria is the product of a two-hour workshop in which grade five and six student at St Mary’s Primary School in Dandenong wrote stories of fantastical and science fiction goings on in the form of postcards to be sent across Victoria.

The name to the right on each postcard is the name of the child who wrote it.